4-6 kg 24 cm Himalayan Salt Crysal Lamp

Available in several shapes and sizes with stunning, rich colours, a Salt Lamp not only looks warm and welcoming, but it contains many beneficial health properties.

Did you know that one of our lamps in your home or office naturally improves the quality of your indoor air by creating healthy negative ions?

It works by drawing water molecules from the air to the surface of the salt lamp and as the lamp is warmed a gentle chemical reaction takes place. Healthy negative ions are released into the air, counteracting the positive ions from electrical equipment such as computers, ipads, TV’s and more, around the home and office. The air is purified which means airborne bacteria, mould, viruses and allergens as well as respiratory irritants and asthma triggers cannot survive in the negatively charged environment.
The beautiful glow from a Himalayan Salt Lamp will bring a tranquil ambience to your home. Rock Salt lamps are best placed near televisi

Himalayan Salt Lamps


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