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Of course you're tired so you use it as a pick me up. It’s no big secret to you that you probably consume too much caffeine. You drink the coffeee, the soft drinks, the tea, the chocolate bars- all stimulating caffeine driven products to get you through the day. This popular stimulant increases both physical and mental energy, but that boost often comes at a price that includes poor sleep and over-burdened adrenal glands. So if you have symptoms of adrenal fatigue e.g., tired for no reason, trouble waking up in the morning, cravings for salty and sweet foods—what should you do when it comes to caffeine?

Many health experts advise adrenal fatigue sufferers to cut caffeine completely from their diets, period, full stop. That, for some ends up being the best medicine. But others may need a more “middle-of-the-road” approach when it comes to caffeine. One thing to consider: people in other cultures have been safely enjoying traditional caffeine containing beverages, such as coffee, green tea, guarana, cola nut, and cocoa, for years. Why is this? In its natural form, caffeine is consumed along with plant compounds that tend to lessen some of the stimulant’s negative effects such as nervousness. For example, green tea is a source of both caffeine and L-theanine, an amino acid that helps counteract caffeine’s negative effects on the brain, such as nervousness and sleep interference.

Experiment with moderate amounts of caffeine, (please no decaf as paint strippers are used to manufacture the coffee and the chemicals outweigh the benefit) and then reassess in a week or so (e.g., Are you sleeping well? Is your energy good?). Having said this, there are a few situations in which a caffeine free diet is truly the only way to go. I see many cases like this in clinic where their fatigue improves dramaticlaly after giving up caffeine. All Caffeine. Symptoms of insomnia, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, fibrocystic breast disease, high blood pressure, and/or extreme sensitivity to caffeine also disappear when caffeine is subtracted from their lives.

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