ANTI AGING & Telomeres

Telomeres and Aging

We take our youth for granted much of the time we are experiencing it until things deteriorate and we experience Fat deposits, aches and pains, fatigue and a lack of vitality that are all typical symptoms of ageing, We all know that correct diet, exercise and stress management can reduce the signs of aging.

But did you know about telomeres and the enzyme telomerase which were genetic material discovered in the 90's that scientists have found its the lenghth of telomeres that affect our aging process?

Telomere length offers unique information about an individual’s cells. Telomere length reveals how your cells are ageing. Telomeres by definition are sections of genetic material found at the end of each chromosome whose primary function is to stop chromosomal “fraying” when a cell replicates. The best visual you can align with this definition is a plastic tip similar to that on the end of shoelaces. These protect the lace from fraying prematurely. A telomeres job is to safeguard chromosomes in the same way. When a cell starts to age, its telomeres shorten. Over time, the telomeres become far too short to allow any replication of cells. The cell then stops dividing and dies.

Hormones, Peptides and Telomere Length

Telomerase is an enzyme that works to repair and regulate telomeres. Telomerase is controlled and activated by hormones. We underestimate the importance of hormone balancing in the medical field. Hormones can be corrected, especially when a deficiency is caught early. Preventative measures such as getting regular hormone checks offer the protection against a flux of bad life choices, toxins and unhealthy eating. Letting your hormones become unbalanced is allowing the telomeres to shorten. When telomeres shorten, cells age. Ageing causes disease, and death follows close behind. In conclusion, assuring that optimal levels of hormones in the body such as testosterone, oestrogen and HGH will ensure as indicated in clinical studies a slow down in the health complications arising from age degeneration.

What kind of diet shortens telomeres faster?

A diet that increases oxidative stress is inclined to shorten telomeres with haste. This applies to a diet high in refined carbohydrates, fast foods, sodas, artificial sweeteners and trans fats.

Preserving Telomeres

Consuming a diet high in antioxidants will defend the body against the telomere shortening. Consuming a diet rich in fresh uncooked fruit and vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids and of mixed fibre will help preserve telomere length.

There are ways apart from diet that we can preserve our telemere leghth by stimulating the enzyme telemerase. One way which has since been known to man since the 90's is establishing a GAMMA pattern of frequency in your brain wave pattern.

Another way, which was a secret hidden in ancient civilisations which has just been discovered, preserves telomeres. It gives us our super human abilities of accelerated brain learning, total recall of information, optimises mental acuity, opens the door as a conduit to our subconcious which means in that state we are able to reframe patterns of behaviour. Deep intuition is possible all whilst we become incredibly able to heal ourselves by stimulating the immune system, reducing stress impact, increasing digestive processes and optimising your health. This method is taught in our Empowered Woman Retreats, 21st & 22 April 2018 as part of Mastering Your Health.

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