Mastering Your Hormones

Women's Health Week So naturally its all about the hormones ladies:

Mastering Your Hormones


About 1 in 10 women experiences depression, anxiety or feelings of inadequacy around peri menopause, but the reason why leaves many professionals baffled. Some studies show symptoms are related to 1. hormonal changes, others suggesting symptoms were common when women had 2. pre existing conditions such as coping generally or menstrual mood changes.

Relating to no 1, a woman's attitude to menopause and ageing affect her peri menopausal experience. Women with a negative attitude to either or both were found to be much more likely to experience problems than women who saw menopause and ageing as positive experiences. Peri menopausal mood changes are seen to be coincidental to rather than caused by the hormonal changes at peri menopause.

In one study peri menopausal women recovering from depression had higher levels of oestrogen in their urine as they improved. Sleep deprivation is believed to be another cause of peri menopausal depression. Hot flushes disrupt sleep and dreaming cycles, preventing the deep, refreshing sleep you require. When oestrogen levels re increased, sleep patterns return to normal.

Treatment for mood swings is quite varied because the causes are diverse. When PMS is the cause, symptoms appear before the period. For all types of mood changes, simple lifestyle changes such as exercise, stress management techniques, yoga and meditation are helpful.Anti depressant drugs or sedatives should rarely be used. However whatever the choice of treatment whether it be a herb, vitamin or drug, it is far better the cause of the depression or mood swing is found rather than prescribing to elevates one mood.

If you have any questions about peri menopause or Menopause, post them here and I'll address them on radio 3abr/87.6FM Thursday night at 6.30pm Xx

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