Transforming Your Life 2019

Tip # 2

Embracing the time of day to exercise

Did you know the time of day your exercise impacts your health?

Studies confirm Individuals who exercise in the morning spend longer in REM Deep sleep than other individuals exercising at different times of day. It all seems to do with resetting the hormone cortisol – setting it at the right time with the right amount. The morning exerciser seems to have an advantage point – Most I say because it requires hormone testing to see where your cortisol is at. If your cortisol is low in the morning, but higher toward the end of the day – it suggests there may be sleep issues as the hormone plays with your sleep patterns. If its high in the morning and lower at night, you'll exercise great and sleep best at night.

Morning exercisers seem to experience e a wide range of benefits ranging from 25% reduction in blood pressure, deactivation of flight/fight schedule meaning a calmer person, a calmer digestion absorbing many more nutrients. And it doesn’t end there….

  • * You'll consume fewer unnecessary calories. ...

  • * You'll be more active all day long. ...

  • * You'll burn more fat. ...

  • * You'll sleep better at night. ...

  • * You'll protect yourself from diabetes. ...

  • * You'll build muscle more efficiently. ...

For the best results for your health, yes , its worth getting up and going......

A great shower after all that sweat makes you feel ready to face anything the day the day. Do you agree?

Hats off to the early morning swimmers in the Bay, the iron men and women with their early morning exercise before work schedules, the early morning gym and exercise class enthusiasts, you and anyone else who exercises in the morning, Science validates your choices for great health.

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